Introducing Single Screenshot Retry

Screenshot of Regenerate snapshot feature

At, we are always striving to enhance the user experience and improve the visual testing process. We're excited to announce a new feature that will help our users be more efficient: the ability to retry a single screenshot without restarting the entire test suite.

Fighting spurious diffs

In the world of software development, visual testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the consistency and user experience of your application. Even the best and most robust screenshot testing tools will sometimes suffer from spurious diffs. A spurious diff (sometimes referred to as a "flaky" diff) is when a component or a page renders slightly different between different tries. Traditionally, when a spurious diff is detected, the common practice has been to either ignore the diff or to re-run the entire test suite. This approach, while thorough, can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially in large projects with numerous screenshots.

Our Solution: Single Screenshot Retry

To address this challenge, we've introduced the Single Screenshot Retry feature on This feature allows users to retry a specific screenshot without the need to restart the entire test suite. This targeted approach saves valuable time and resources, enabling developers to focus on resolving specific issues more efficiently.

How It Works

Using the Single Screenshot Retry feature is straightforward:

  1. Locate the faulty Screenshot: In a report, locate the screenshot that isn't looking right.

  2. Access the Overflow Menu: Click on the "View source" link located in the overflow menu next to the screenshot or diff.

  3. Initiate the Retry: Use the "Regenerate snapshot" button at the bottom of the Source page.


To leverage this new feature, ensure that you are on the latest versions of the following npm libraries if they are part of your dependencies:

Updating to these versions guarantees compatibility and enables you to take full advantage of this and other features.

Looking Ahead

At, we are committed to continual improvement and innovation. The Single Screenshot Retry feature is just one of many enhancements we are excited to bring to our users. We believe that by empowering developers with efficient, precise tools, we can continue to make life slightly better for software developers. We are eager to hear your feedback on this feature and look forward to seeing how it transforms your screenshot testing workflow. Stay tuned for more updates and features designed to make your development process smoother and more productive.