Find your plan

Cross-browser screenshot testing that works. We support major browsers across multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

All plans include

Snapshots in all browsers
Unlimited users
Concurrent runs
Free 30 day trial - no credit card needed
Access to the Happo API


$64 / month
2,000 snapshots
2 ¢ additional snapshot


$128 / month
10,000 snapshots
1 ¢ additional snapshot


$256 / month
50,000 snapshots
0.5 ¢ additional snapshot


$512 / month
250,000 snapshots
0.2 ¢ additional snapshot


$1,024 / month
1,000,000 snapshots
0.1 ¢ additional snapshot


$2,048 / month
4,000,000 snapshots
0.05 ¢ additional snapshot

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is one screenshot of a component variant in one browser. To help approximate your monthly snapshots usage you can use this formula:

Component variants × Browsers × Monthly Happo runs

If you have 50 component variants, use Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and your team pushes 5 pull requests per day on average, you'll use 15,000 snapshots per month.

Can we install and run Happo on-premise?

Yes! Just get in touch and we'll get you started. Request a quote.

Can I get a demo?

Use this form to request a demo. We can show you how Happo works, how it's integrated in CI, and more.

Can I use Happo in my open source project?

Absolutely! Free plans are available for open source projects. Talk to us and we'll get things started.

How do I get started?

Once you've signed up for the free trial you can install the client from npm and use it directly. We recommend adding a few test components to the happo suite to begin with, then slowly increasing test coverage over time. Don't hesitate to reach out to us during this process. We'll gladly provide guidance and troubleshooting along the way.