About Happo

Happo is developed and run by me, Henric Trotzig. I'm a Software Engineer based in Stockholm Sweden. When I'm not building visual regression testing tools, I like hanging out with my son, playing sports and traveling.

I started Happo together with @lencioni back in 2013. At that time it was called "Diffux", a play on the words "difference" and "ux" (user experience). This name was often hilariously mispronounced as "da fux", so we tried a different one, "Likadan", the Swedish word for "the same". To little surprise, this name didn't make things better. So we changed it again, this time to "Happo". My nephew, who was 3 years old at the time, came up with the name. It was my birthday and he'd made me a drawing where he had asked his parents to write "Happo Carappo, här kommer Söderkvistarna" (loosely translated to "Happo Carappo, here comes the Söderkvist family). I dropped the "Carappo" before adopting the name. And here we are!

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