Screenshot testing for developers

Ship UI with confidence: find visual regressions early, see the effect of style updates, and prevent bugs across multiple browsers and platforms.


Trusted by the industry

Happo is used by a multitude of tech companies, including Fortune 500 companies in San Francisco, web agencies in Brasil, Insurance Companies in Japan, and many more.

Happo takes screenshots of your UI components

Find bugs before your code is shipped to production. Visual regression testing with Happo lets you move faster and with more confidence. Use it with Storybook, Cypress, Playwright, or create your own integration.

⨠ happo run
Pre-rendering 1,238 examples...
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Done! View results here:

Get notified when bugs are introduced

  • See the effects of changes directly

  • Test individual components in isolation

  • Say goodbye to tedious manual testing

Happo build flow

We provide integrations with developer tools like Storybook, Cypress, GitHub Actions, Circle CI, and others. Focus on writing the code and we will take care of producing consistent screenshots.

Push your code
Run Happo in (any) CI
Happo takes screenshots
Compare with previous versions

Cross-browser and platform agnostic

For web projects, Happo uses Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, and Edge to take screenshots of components. Native apps can integrate directly with the Happo API.